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The College Bootcamp 

The exact guide to finding your purpose in college and learning how to navigate the most stressful years of your life.


What if there a way to not struggle in finding solid friendships, healthy relationships and creating new ones?


Adult Students

What's Included?


  • Finding purpose and identifying your calling

  • Pick a major that fits you based on your passion and skills

  • Understanding Financial Aid and how to get out of college debt free

  • Scholarships and where to find them

  • The ultimate guide to studying 

  • Budget and Prioritize your life

  • Learn how to build a social life

  • Grow your faith in college  

College Students in Corridor

Ready to find your purpose, identify your calling, and be successful in college? Get ahold of your life and your future without having to figure it all out by yourself! I have been right where you are.

  • Stuck in an unproductive routine.

  • Unsure of how to study at all!

  • Trying to get as many scholarships as possible.

  • Figuring out how to find friends and community in college.

  • Not knowing how to grow in your faith or find purpose.

You don't have to figure this college thing out alone.

My online course, The College Bootcamp gives you the step by step guide on navigating college successfully. 

You don't have to be stuck anymore. I am giving you my step by step college success guide with tons of resources included too. You are not alone! I am here to help make sure you find purpose and direction even in the middle of college chaos. Let's do this, together!

I get asked questions all the time about how to be successful in college, how to make friends, how to find purpose and the list goes on!! This is how my very own online program was born (The College Bootcamp)📚🌟⁣