Hey, There You! Want to build and better your life? I'm Tessah, I'm a writer, creator, and a really big dreamer. I created these courses to be a guide to help you create the absolute best life for yourself and navigate through hard things so you also can become an expert! 




The Relationship guide Mini-course

Want to build, grow and create the best possible relationship in your life? This mini-course is just for you!

This course covers how to build friendships, dating relationships and even answer how do you know if he/she is the "one".  


The college bootcamp

Ready to find your purpose, identify your calling, and be successful in college? Get ahold of your life and your future without having to figure it all out by yourself! I have been right where you are.

  • Stuck in an unproductive routine.

  • Unsure of how to study at all!

  • Trying to get as many scholarships as possible.

  • Figuring out how to find friends and community in college.

  • Not knowing how to grow in your faith or find purpose.