5 Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is real. Those overwhelming feelings of being out of control and not being able to calm down can make a person seem so helpless.  I have felt all of these things. However, over the past few years, I've overcome a lot of my anxiety and chronic worrying by practicing these five things when I feel anxiety creeping into my mind.  

1. Find a Quiet Space Maybe that place is found in your home on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket. You may find it driving around in your car, or maybe you enjoy taking a long run outside after a really long day. Your quiet space might be found in a church building or in your backyard. Wherever your quiet space is, whenever you feel a rush of anxiety go to your space and if you can't physically go it, close your eyes and imagine that space. 

2. Ask Yourself This Question Are you stressing and allow anxiety into your life over something that you shouldn't even give the time of day to? I have let situations and people put unnecessary stress on my life. You may not have much of a choice when anxiety comes to you but you can decide if what you are worried about is worth having a panic attack over. I don't know about you but most of my stress starts from worrying too much. So whenever I feel anxious, I ask myself what I'm really worried about? Is it life-threatening? Will it matter in 10 minutes, in a week, in a month? Being able to ask yourself and be honest with yourself will help you so much in the long run. 

3. Listen To Some Music When anxiety starts to make its way into my mind, I have a few songs I will sing to myself. The songs are  "Surrounded" by Josh Baldwin, "Fear is a Liar" by Zach Williams, and "Defender" by Francesca Battistelli. Each of these songs I would categorize as victory songs. Songs I can play over and over again in my mind or in my car. You may not listen to worship music but if you do I highly recommend finding songs that represent victory to you. Also, you can put on those relaxing playlists found on Spotify. 

4. Simply Breathe This sounds way too simple. But, for me, this trick works wonders. When anxiety really becomes too much for me to handle I will find somewhere to either sit or be alone and just take deep breaths. This helps calm my soul, body, and mind all at the same time. Let go of that stress one breath at a time. 

5. Pray It Out Are you worried about it as much as you are praying about it? God knows exactly how you feel so allow him to bring you the comfort only he can give. When I just stop and talk to God I receive so much comfort from laying my worries down at the feet of Jesus. He knows my anxiety is real and exhausting. He wants me to see freedom from that but he also wants me to remember he is the way to overcome my worries. He understands YOU. Even when your parents don't. Even when your friends don't. Even when your significant other doesn't. God knows. Trust he also knows the way through that anxiety and that is through Jesus. 

After reading through this, I pray you have been reminded that there is hope to overcome the anxiety you are going through right now. This is only a mountain, but you can only get over it by grasping the sweet hand of Jesus and letting him take you through it. 

With Love,


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