A letter to the girl too busy to breathe

Dear busy girl,

As I write you this letter, I'm honesty writing this also to myself. Sometimes it's easy to get caught in this busyness. You don't like to let people down, do you? I understand your struggle. Us "busy girls" are too afraid to say the word no, because it might just make someone unhappy. And having someone mad at us sounds like the end of the world. Friend, can I be honest with you? You are talented, passionate, a leader, beautiful and kind. But, you are also too busy. If you're anything like me, you go moment to moment everyday and barley have time to take a lunch break, better yet you don't even have time to take a nap. You would rather drive yourself crazy than ask anyone for help because "you are the best one for the job". Why that might be true, you cannot do all the jobs. Take a moment and ask yourself this question:

Why am I this busy?

If I were to guess your reasons for busyness it would be narrowed down to just a few things.

1. You can't say the word No, so you end up doing everything anyone asks you to do

2. You feel obligated to everything because you think you can do everything better than anyone

3. You actually enjoy being busy, because it makes you feel important and wanted

All of those listed above are hard to swallow, but read them. Read them over and over until they sink in, because I'm going to bet big money that one of those reasons is why you are so busy. My reason for busyness hits mainly on #3. I like to feel wanted, needed and valued. So I over involve myself to make sure I'm to busy to be ignored. Ouch, that hurts to actually admit. If I'm busy, there is no way I will find myself sitting in my room during the week with nothing to do. Busy girl, I know you understand how that feels. No matter your reason on why you are so busy, you know the feeling of loneliness one way or another. What if I told you moments you have absolutely alone are actually a blessing? During this past semester, I have been able to grow and enjoy every moment of silence I can get. You want to know why I needed the peace and quiet? It's because all the "busyness" finally caught up to me. And the busyness will catch up to you too. Sis, let me share a few life changing words of advice that will help manage your busy schedule.

Take a breathe and also take a step back

Taking a step back means eliminating the crazy "busy" things and focusing on the most important parts of your life. Breathe, it is really going to be okay. Life is hard, don't make it harder on yourself. Instead use this moment to take a step back and appreciate this season of your life. You only get this season once, so instead of jam packing it with busy work, live in it. Embrace every crazy moment of it.

Busy girl, I know you enjoy the busyness. But are you hustling for yourself at all? Or are you just running around doing everything for everyone else? Be honest with yourself. If I'm honest, I've been the girl that is running around doing all the things to all the people. I have also recognized, I have to take time for myself. Take time for self-growth, time with Jesus & a moment to just breathe and enjoy the fresh air. You deserve these moments of time to yourself. Got a free 10 minutes to spare, instead of turning on Hulu or Netflix what about just sitting and resting. Relax, it is good for the soul. Filling up your cup, will help you pour into those people you encounter everyday.

I'm not sure what kind of busyness you're in right now. Are you a college girl just trying to get all of your stuff do and then some? Are you a mom running around with kids all day? Are you a boss babe working overtime on either your business or work? Either way you are killing it, but don't die trying to do it all. It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to take a step back from the extra things that you don't HAVE to do.

You’ve got this!! Relax this weekend and take some time to refocus on what’s most important.

With Love,


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