Chasing Your Calling

For the past month I've been volunteering as a college staffer at a church camp in Arkansas. In other words, the past month has been wild, full of long days and tons of kids. But, it is always my favorite time of year. God moved in BIG ways during my time at camp & I think he wants to move in your life just as big. About 6 summers ago at the same camp I just finished staffing at (Super Summer Arkansas), God called me to ministry. I remember weeks before camp he had been preparing my heart for what he was going to tell me. Even so, it has been one of the most scariest, powerful moments of my life. In that moment, my response to God's voice was "Wait, God are you talking to me?" Surely he miscommunicated the wrong message. Do you ever think God rolls his eyes at you, because if there has ever been a moment in my life he did, that was absolutely it. After finally getting over my stubbornness, I began digging deeper into what this calling meant for me.

The crazy thing about a calling is actually that once God calls you to something whether that be to a place, a job, a ministry, a church, fill in the blank there is usually a question that follows. "What's next?" For the longest time I focused on the "What's next" in my life instead of focusing on the now. One Sunday I went to watch my roommate/best friend sing at one of the church's in our college town. During that church service the pastor said something that has stuck to me like gorilla glue. "Don't trust your feelings, trust Jesus and your feelings will catch up". Let's change it up just a little. "Pursue Jesus and your dreams will follow". Heck, your story changes all the time. In every season of your life you will be doing something new. God isn't just calling you to do one thing for the rest of your life, I'm a firm believer in that. There is newness found in each day. Your worth and your purpose isn't found in what you do but WHO you know. Jesus. We put so much weight into places like Instagram, Facebook, Social media. Then that heaviness transfers over to our perspectives in real life. The idea that if everyone else has their life together, then we have to get our mess together. And friend that is just not the way to live. Because of all of these distractions you can easily begin to compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

Comparison was never meant to be a part of your calling. It may seem that comparison is what is making you want to try harder and measure up to others. But honestly it is what is holding you back. If you are only trying to run the speed of the people around you, it may help you speed up but it can be the very thing that slows you down. Run at your own speed. Stop trying to keep the same pace as everyone else. God has you right where you are to do exactly what he has called you to do. Even if you don't understand what that is, pursuing him will give you a perspective to know he is in control.

So what is the best way to begin chasing your calling? Pursue Jesus first. When we focus on chasing our calling most of the time we get so caught up and focused on our dreams. I'm not saying stop kicking butt at working on your passions and dreams. You keep on working hard. But don't put those passions in front of your relationship with Jesus. Dreams can mislead you. Your heart isn't trust worthy, but God is. Isn't it crazy he already knows everything you will ever do? Wouldn't it be easier to focus on your relationship with an omniscient God instead of worrying about how your future will pan out.

Finding your calling isn't an overnight thing. It usually takes years to figure out and to work through your passions. And what if you are a multi-passionate person? Is there a way to combine the things you love and use all of them in one area? The answer is YES. Whenever I hear someone contemplating what they should do with their life, I always tell them to make a list. My advice is make a list of: your passions, your talents, what you are good at, your dreams and your life goals. Once you complete that list, if you are being honest with yourself you'll find out that you have a lot more options than you have limited yourself too. In this blog, I'm going to attach one of these lists you can actually download and complete yourself! (Find the link at the bottom of this blog post)

If you are currently in a season where the next step sounds terrifying and God is calling you to step out in faith - JUST DO IT. He will work out all the details!! Don't allow fear or the unknown to scare you out of obedience. You are destined for greatness but that greatness is only found when you get over fear and become rooted in faith.

Friend, I am a full believer that you have a unique calling on your life. Even if it doesn't seem clear now, continue to be obedient in your everyday.

My challenge for you is to STEP OUT in faith and pursue the calling God has placed on your heart. Don't know what that is yet? Use my "Purpose List" template to give you a better idea of who you are and what you are passionate about (linked below).



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