Finding Direction

You may be at a place in your life where you don’t know what your life will look like in the next year or the next month or even maybe next week. What if finding which direction you should go in the next season of your life was much easier than stressing and worrying about what your “tomorrow” brings. First, let me be the one to tell you that you don’t have to have what you are going to do for the rest of your life figured out. I am in graduate school and when people ask me “what’s your next step”, I still don’t know. And guess what? I’m okay with that. You may think that it is a little crazy to not be freaking out about what I’m going to do with my life. Before I got accepted into graduate school, I had no idea that’s what God had planned for me. Instead of micromanaging the situation, I finally let go, threw my hands up and said: “God if you want this for me, you allow it to happen”. This is for you today. Stop micromanaging your future. This is the part of your story that hasn’t even happened yet. Worrying over it will not make the changes to come any easier.

How can you stop the stressing and start to navigate the next big step in your life? Or in better words “Find Direction”.

One: Make of list of your goals and identify what your end game is

No matter how big or crazy they might be this is so helpful. Do you want to be CEO of a company? An entrepreneur? A political figure? The head of finance? A boutique owner? There are endless possibilities. But in order to have a more clear idea of where you are headed you need to know where you want to end up. It doesn’t matter how crazy your goals and ideas may seem, write them down anyway. God uses wild ideas all of the time. Nothing is impossible with him by your side. Let me get honest with you guys for a minute. Most of my life I have always been afraid to step out and say all of the things I want to accomplish. I want to be an author, a writer, a course creator, an entrepreneur, and own my very own business. All of those things are big things. They take lots of time and work. The big things we want will take discipline and drive to push forward and do them. Ask yourself, if I could do anything, what would it be? That answer may be exactly what you need in taking your first step to finding direction in your life.

Two: It is okay to try new things and fail a few times

When you move on to the next season of your life, you will have some trials and errors. You will not just jump into a new job or relationship or a new town and know all of the things. Appreciate that this is a time to grow, while also discovering who you will become in this season of change. Let me give you permission to try new things. Even if you got a degree in math, it’s okay to have an interest in Art. Try ALL THE NEW THINGS. You may decide you only like "math" but I’m going to bet that you have a variety of passions you haven’t tapped into yet. Do not regret taking a leap and trying a new thing. That new thing might be what changes your entire life. Go for it.

Three: Be patient, everything is going to work out

This advice is easy to give but hard to apply to your life. I am not naturally a patient person. I like to have answers as soon as I ask questions. When I feel like I’m waiting for too long of a time, I start to think God has forgot about me. Which is totally untrue. He is preparing a path before you, you will not always see it until you arrive at it. Everything is going to work out for you and your future. However, it may not turn out the way you planned your life to be. Remember though, nothing surprises God. Your future has already been paved and prepared by God. All you can do is keeping pursuing your purpose and be obedient to where he has you right now. Navigating what your future looks like may seem scary and uncertain to you, but remember you have a Heavenly Father who knows your life from beginning to end. Not only does he know it, but he also designed it. Have patience. Have faith. Trust the process.

Four: If opinions didn’t matter, what would you pursue

Take away the opinions of other people, money, location and whatever is standing in your way of doing what you have always dreamed of doing. What would you be pursuing? The real answer to that will be a big step in finding direction towards your future. You need to know the why behind what you want to pursue either in a career or life or both. Don’t get me wrong, I am in graduate school and I’m still unsure of where I will end up in a future career. However, I know the gifts God has given me are for a reason and he has prepared a place for me to work as soon as I start looking for a full-time job. He knows the desires of your heart. Try this exercise real quick. I’ve heard this practice done while listening to a podcast once: think back to when you were 10 years old, what did you love? What were your passions? What kind of person were you back then? Do some soul searching into remembering the things that set your heart on fire. Obviously, in real life, there are some hurdles we have to jump over in order to get to our goals and aspirations. But, when you are struggling to find direction in your life it is good to consider and know what you love to do. Also, know what you are passionate about. When you consider what drives you to pursue the things you are pursuing, you will have a more clear sense of what direction you need to go. It doesn't matter what other people think, if God has put that in your heart to do, go and do it, you will not regret full-filling your purpose.

My hope for this post is that you have received some clarity on how to navigate the direction of your life. It is absolutely not easy and it is a long process. But, it is up to YOU to decide where you are going to go from this point in your life. My final advice though would be to pursue a life that you can look back and say “I chased my dreams and full-filled my purpose”. Finding direction begins with finding yourself and what you love and want to do with your life. Keep chasing your goals and seeking after what your next big step is. You’ve got this!

With love,


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