Get it together

"Get it together" is a sentence I say to myself when I'm overwhelmed and freaking out. Anybody else at that point in your life? When stress gets the best of me, I tend to think even more about all the things on my "to-do list". My brain literally is thinking about 10,000 things at one time.

This sense of urgency to "Get it Together" is overwhelming. We are socially challenged to make sure that every little thing about us is nothing short of perfection. Even when we really just want to jump into our sweatpants, grab some coffee and be ourselves. Often, we get trapped in this state of comparison, only seeing that "her" life looks a lot better than ours. There is so much more for us that God has prepared for us. We can't live personally pressured urgency any longer.

Sisters, let's call this what it is. We are choosing to compare our social status to a world in which is not our home. There will never be any peace found in this bondage. This sense of urgency tells us that we aren't good enough "yet", it whispers in loud volumes the pressure we already put on ourselves day after day. God doesn't want endless amounts of urgently written words or quickly made creations. He has your life planned to the second, he knows your goals and he knows your final destination. He has perfect timing. All of these talents you have, he knitted together inside of you. You already have everything you need to be who he has called you to be. So stop being so worried about getting your life together as quickly as possible because he has some divine appointments made in your time of waiting my friend.

How can we focus on eliminating the urgency and grabbing onto God's promises?

  • Fill up on faith, steady obedient faith that knows the character of God.

  • Breathe, take a deep breathe and know you aren't called to do it all but trust the one who does.

  • Pray, pray for peace and purpose in this stressful time - the Lord will provide.

  • Go for it, whatever God is calling you to, go for it and know he will take care of the rest.

  • Accept you don't have to be everything, rest in the truth that you don't know it all.

Sisters, we might not have it all figured out and that is perfectly fine because we know the God who has it all mapped out from beginning to end. Rest in the provision of the Lord, not your own. Let us shift this urgency to sharing the good news of Jesus. Make disciples, slow down and know he is God. Trust in his provision.

With Truth,


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