Getting through the Seasons

Is it just me or is it super cool that during the fall (when everything is dying) nature looks the most beautiful? We notice all of the pretty colors but sometimes forget about the creator who made this beautiful illustration JUST! FOR! US! Let us also remember he is the one who remains the same even when the seasons change, the leaves fall and the cold comes.

As people we go through so many different seasons. Some planned, some unplanned, some easy, some hard, all at which we can’t control. For me, God has simply brought me to understanding of what season I am in and how to thrive and grow in this season. For those of you that know me, my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost FIVE years (emphasis intended lol). It has been a journey! We have grown together threw the most awkward years of our lives. However, life changes and sometimes it is crazy. And that is exactly where I am: living and surviving one of the most adventurous seasons of my life.

Let me tell you the story.

Wyatt and I have been dating for a total of five years. He is only four months younger than me but is a school year behind, because I am super-duper young for my school age group. We dated all through high school and then I decided to follow God’s plan for me and go to College at a small university in South Arkansas. Did I mention I really don’t like long distance? Fast forward through our first year of long distance dating (only an hour drive apart), Wyatt began being recruited by colleges to play football. Exciting right? Or for me deathly scaring… I dreamed up all of these plans up for us in my little planner controlling mind and just knew he would chose to come play football at my college. Until, he was offered by a D1 school in which we both knew that is where God wanted him to be. This was HARD and is still very hard for me. It took me battling with God for an entire semester to understand why he had purposely separated us. Everything was out of control and I was being pulled into a tough season that I sure didn’t ask for. At the beginning of this journey of being three hours apart and Wyatt playing a year-round sport, I would laugh at advice like “Oh, three years apart isn’t all that bad” or “Just embrace this season of change”. I could not stand those words. It wasn’t because they were false, no they were very true, but that wasn’t what I wanted to believe. He had created this separation for me to grow outside of that dating relationship. Have you ever heard of idolatry? That’s exactly what I battled for a very long time. I idolized my dating relationship, and put it way higher than Jesus. It wasn’t until this reckoning that God began to reveal all of this to me. God separating us was meant to help us. Because of this, I have grown so much closer to my heavenly father. There is no way I would be where I am today had I followed my selfish ambitions. Jesus will intercede in your life, even if, at the moment it seems painful. My selfishness kept me from seeing the journey God had laid out for me to take. When I finally opened up to understanding, God showed me the opportunities I was missing that were set right in front of me.

If we get OUT of the way of ourselves, we give God the room to move in our lives. Instead of running an endless race of who can keep up with who on social media, we have to start looking up! When I decided to stay at my University instead of following my selfishness and transferring colleges – God opened countless doors. He placed me back into leadership, placed me on a path to grow closer to him in ways I had never experienced before and through all of this he revealed a piece of his plan for my life. Ministry. Yup, that scary word. What would my life look like had I tried to speed up this season of my life? I would have missed out on God moving in me and around me. Instead of assuming that your creator is against you, ask him to see him for who he really is. He is for you. He is fighting for you. In all the seasons you have experienced, will go through and presently are facing right now; There is purpose behind it.

Just because this season of my life seemed crazy and was completely unplanned doesn’t mean that my perspective was anywhere close to God’s. Even in my disobedience, God intentionally surrounded me with graceful, obedient people. People who would pour into me with constant love and wisdom. If I would have kept running from God who knows where I would have ended up (probably somewhere in between terrible and not so good). He pursued me instead, chased me down, found me in the valley and carried me to the mountain. Because our God is a God who carries his children, especially out of valleys. God is still carrying me, and I plan to let him carry me the rest of my days. Because when I decided to walk on my own, I stumble EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

To the girl who tries to be everything, especially the ruler of her own life… You can’t do it. From one perfectionist to another, peace doesn’t come when you’ve got your life all together (because that is unrealistic), peace only comes when you give God all of your mess. Give him your worries, doubt, stress, regrets, pain, suffering, anxiety – he will take it and make it beautiful. I promise.

Coming from someone who pretends like she doesn’t ever need help from anyone, the Lord quickly reminds me that 1) Yes, Tessah you do need help from others and 2) You especially need help from me. When you find yourself battling a hard season, the enemy will intentionally try to isolate you. He will feed you lies that say “No one understands you” or “They don’t care if you’re hurting” or even “God doesn’t really love you, look at what he has let happened”. Friend, DO NOT believe these lies. If you never heard it, the song “Fear is a Liar” by Zach Williams is spot on. The enemy will use fear, insecurity and weakness to keep you stagnant.

Just a heads up, your life will be a series of unplanned seasons, completely spontaneous changes; and how you react will determine how you get through them. Remember to not forget God when you make it up to the mountain, he carried you up to where you are. Will you continue to praise God in the storm or only praise him when he is holding the umbrella keeping your head dry from the rain? Don’t get me wrong, I have been on both sides of this scenario. The blessings come when we CHOSE to worship God, even in the unanticipated seasons that leave us broken, shaken and weak. He will work all things out for the good of those who love him (Romans 8:28).

As daughters of the king, let’s live in that truth today. Lean on God’s provision not your own planned out life where you have three dogs, two kids and a perfect husband. His plans are much greater for us then we could ever imagine. It may not look like something out of a Home and Garden magazine but it will reflect the infinite goodness of our Father.

With love,

Tessah West


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