Going To isn't Guaranteed

Going to isn't guaranteed. Let me repeat it for the people in the back… Going TO ISN'T GUARANTEED.

You were going to go on vacation

You were going to get to walk at graduation

You were going to start that new job

You were going to get to spend the last semester of college with your friends

You were going to have the wedding you planned

You were going to start going to the gym

But, life got in the way didn’t it? This month, this year is NOT going how we thought it would. There was so much (too much) hype going into 2020. I mean I think we all knew this was going to be the best year of our LIVES. Welp, 2020 will for sure go down in the history books but for other reasons. Proverbs 27:1 reminds us that tomorrow isn’t promised “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” I tend to naturally think of “worst case scenarios” and let me tell you a PANDEMIC was not on my radar for this year. I’m going to bet it wasn’t on yours either. This crisis has turned the world upside down, and I’m sure it’s turned your world upside down as well. In the midst of all the crazy and all the information I wanted to remind you of something so important. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Now you can decide if you want to read that as a positive or negative statement. To an optimist that makes them want to get out and live their life! To a pessimist that makes them mad. To a realistic person , it reminds them that today is all that they have guaranteed.

What would you have done if Marty McFly flew on to your driveway three months ago in the DeLorean time machine and told you how 2020 was going to go? Wouldn’t you want to live out every second with your friends, family, classmates, co workers because you would eventually know that you’d be stuck in the house till who knows when? If you would have known about COVID-19 before, you would have lived your life differently leading up to it. I know I would have. I would go hang out with my friends instead of watch Netflix. I would have not rushed through the grocery store but instead actually took my time to shop. And the list goes on and on. When we know that there is a crisis coming, we tend to live differently. It’s in a way similar to someone telling you, you have a year to live.

Let me ask you something, what keeps you from living your best life when there isn’t a crisis going on? Is it fear of judgment, laziness, lack of time, lack of resources? Really what is standing in your way of waking up and pursuing your best life every single day? Once you can answer that question you can decide how you want to work through that issue in order to live like there's really no tomorrow.

Personally for me, I wish I would have focused more on building relationships. I have got to meet so many people during this year in graduate school but I wish I would have been more invested in really getting to know others better. Maybe you wish you would have not said “no” so many times when your friends asked you to go out. Now you’ll be graduating and it won’t be the same. Tomorrow isn’t promised. You have to make priorities in your life otherwise you are just a human BEING not a human DOING. If you have dreams, you have to make them happen. Does God have your life written out? Yes. You are also a moving vessel that he has gifted specifically for a purpose. God gives you these dreams and the ability to accomplish them.

You also have the ability to decide what this season of quarantine means for you. Are you going to sit and be sad about your circumstances or are you going to face the truth head on? Your choice. I am choosing to pick the latter. During this time I’m resetting priorities and working on MYSELF. I’m working out at home, I’m reading books, I’m educating myself and I’m still doing my part time job remotely. And school full-time as well. Oof. All those college/highschool/educators out there know what I mean. It’s hard for everyone. Don’t be a victim to your circumstances. Be a victor instead. Come out of this quarantine better than ever. Here is what I’m doing to take this time of uncertainty head on:

  • Make a schedule for each day. No matter what is going on I set a time to wake up, do my bible study, and write in my journal first thing in the morning. Plan my day to work on school work and actual work and all the things in between. I usually workout at night, but I work out every single day.

  • Move. Get up off the couch, out of bed and MOVE. Like I mentioned I workout every day. But moving your body can simply be going on a walk or playing with the kids or dogs outside.

  • Stay connected. I am still texting, facetiming and calling my friends and family. I love to be with people so when I can communicate with those around me I am for sure doing so.

  • Spend time talking and praying to God. If you are someone of faith and you’ve complained about not reading your bible because you “don’t have time”. You now don’t have an excuse. SOO Get into your bible! Start a devotional book, this is not the time to sit your bible on a shelf and let it collect dust for three months.

  • Educate. Do you know how many free resources are on the internet right as I’m typing this. A Million bajillion! Audio Books, Ebooks, podcasts, online courses and all of the above. If you have always wanted to learn something, now is the time.

I get it, there is a lot going on right now. But, there is also *not a lot going on right now, lol. Use your time intentionally. These days count too! Have self-integrity to do what’s best for you especially when no one is watching. And stop sitting around all day and doing NOTHING. The world needs your gift!

Today is all we have, what will you do with it?

We've got this!

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