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Here on this blog you will find a girl, just like you. Insecure, imperfect, goofy, clumsy, ditsy... literally ALL. OF. THE. ABOVE. I am sooo glad you made your way to my blog! I firmly believe that Jesus has lead me to this point of writing straight to you, and that you were lead to be here... reading this! So let me start at the beginning. My name is Tessah. I am a small town Arkansas gal, that loves cheesy jokes, sisterhood, friendships, late night movies, random road trips, surprises, & most of all JESUS. My heart for writing started out as a little girl, I wrote stories about everything under the sun! Journaling turned into writing and eventually lead me to a love for blogging.

The inspiration behind this blog started from a time in my life I was constantly asking the question "God, what is my purpose?". That one question lead me here, to you guys! For the longest time I believed that I had to have my life all together, my rough edges all smoothed out, and all of my flaws perfected in order to pursue the purpose God has for me. Yeah, I know crazy right. Little by Little Jesus broke down my walls, my barriers,my fears and my limits. Through trials, tears, lonely nights, unanswered questions, endless prayers, I finally stopped trying to fix all of my problems on my own. Because I am a 'fixer'/control freak and I try to do everything on my own (never works out btw). Jesus directed my heart to a place of purpose; purpose to serve him and do his will no matter what he is calling me to do. My hope is that through this blog you will find that the answer to your WHY. The question isn't going to be found on social media, in people, or through what your capable to do. Your WHY question is going to be found in I AM. Jesus is I AM. He was, is and always will be. He has your best interest at heart and wants you to seek his will for your life! So friend, are you ready?


with love,

Tessah West

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