How To Get Your Life Together: college edition

Have you ever had one of those weeks where your laundry is piled up in one corner of your room and looks like it's just about as tall as Mt. Everest? Or you have so much to do that instead of actually doing it you have a mental break down and binge watch Hulu instead? Yes, I've just had one of those weeks. If you could visually see my life now you might describe is as "messy" or even better would be describing it as Chaotic. My life in the past few months has been somewhere between overwhelming busy and completely unorganized. And if you're a college student, boy, I know you get the struggle. During this season of my life everything seems chaotic. I also have a bad habit of over committing myself, a lot. Jumping from one thing to the next never giving myself time to experience any type of peace or quietness. I'm writing to you, reading this who might just be in this crazy season of busyness. Just because you're life is chaotic doesn't mean it can't be purposeful. This is dedicated to the worriers, the planners, the perfectionists and all of the people in between. You can take control of your chaos every single day by choosing to be purposeful with your time. Sooo here are some simple steps you can take to get your life TOGETHER:

1. Priorities & Commitments

There have been many moments during my college years where I've had so many responsibilities piled up on top of one another. So many of us commit to more than we can actually handle. We are committed to our education, our student organizations, our relationships, our social life and the list goes on forever. While all these commitments are genuine, getting caught up in trying to be everything for everyone IS emotionally exhausting. How do we stop over-committing ourselves every time someone asks us to do something? Make your list of commitments and stick to them. Prioritize those commitments by what is most important and what is something you could easily step back from. Breaking these down will help your stress tremendously. If you will be intentional with where you are involved, you can have peace of mind saying "no" to other things. Even if you feel like you are superwoman or superman, you can become super-stressed if you don't step back on some commitments that someone else to easily do and maybe do it better than you. Limiting these commitments can give you the opportunity to really focus on area's of your life that you are passionate about. If you feel a calling on your life and you are doing all of these other things yet have a opportunity to work with what you love, then do what you love! You only get to do this life once, don't use your time being over committed in area's you don't see a future in.

2. Take Time for Yourself

This is sooo important. If you don't take time to better yourself, you won't have the capacity to be better for the other people in your life. It all starts with you. Make room in your personal schedule to take an afternoon to do something for yourself. Whether that is relaxing and reading a book, taking a walk, painting, dancing in your room or simply watching your favorite Netflix show. You need to quiet your mind, so you can actually keep your sanity. Getting your life together, means getting yourself together. I promise if you can show up for yourself more, you will show up for others better than ever. There have been many, and I mean many, days where I've had so much happen that when it came to actually serving other people who needed me, I couldn't give my 110%. I couldn't give them my best because I have used every ounce of energy towards busy things. So this upcoming week, take time to fuel yourself. Every morning, fill your soul up with God's words. Prepare your heart and mind for the upcoming day. I promise this will bring you so much more clarity and peace. This isn't easy, it takes discipline and determination. But YOU can do it!

3. Find What You Love

As a college student, we spend so much time figuring out what in the world we are going to do with our lives. We know what we are good at and absolutely know what we are bad at. But, why does it seem so hard to figure out what we really love to do? Because most of the time we aren't doing things for ourselves, we are doing it in order to please others. So of course when it comes to what we love, we really aren't sure most of the time. What has helped me figure out who I am and what I love is investing in those things I'm passionate about. I love serving other people, so working with college ministry gave me that exact opportunity to see if this was truly what I loved to do. Ministry has been a calling on my life for many years now and being able to put into practice has made all the difference. If you learn to be intentional with putting time towards the things you are most passionate about, your life will begin to look a lot more purposeful. So friend, take time and stop. Stop worrying about what you're going to do next, what career path you are going to choose, and stop being so hard on yourself. Take time & literally smell the roses - BREATHE. Breathe in all the good things so you can exhale all of that good onto other people. Find what you love and do it with everything you've got.

I would like to say I'm an expert on over committing myself. Because, boy, do I say YES a whole lot more than I should. Over the past few months I've learned how to balance these things and get my life back. It has been the most freeing choice I've ever made. I do believe that taking these three simple steps can help you "get your life together". And maybe even get some sanity back from all the brain cells used on your hard college classes!! You've got this, do this for you.

With love,

Tessah Joann

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