I dread Swim Suit Season...

Here is an honest blog post for you, I dread swim suit season. Okay, hear me out. One of my favorite times of the year is summer. I love going to the lake, the beach, the river, or taking a dive into a pool. However, when it comes to finding a swimsuit I like that "looks" good and makes me "feel" good about myself - well, It's just hard. I know of so many women (most women) who feel so insecure about their body (no matter their size). Your either to big or too small, to short or too tall, your cellulite shows or you don't think your butt is big enough to be consider a "cute" butt. All the girls reading this know what I mean. This is the world we live in. Insecurity, comparison, and battling with our bodies is an everyday thing for most women. I am most women. I struggle to love my body right now. Even though I have health and fitness goals I'm striving for - I can be really hard on myself most days.

So this year (this swim suit season) I'm asking myself the big question: WHY?

Why do I (and other women) worry so much about what our healthy bodies look like? Why do I compare myself to people who are obviously made differently than me? (Any short girls out there?).

Insecurity is the root of this problem. I think that in order to be "accepted" by others I need to look a certain way. But really I'm falling into a lie. That the acceptance of other people is going to fill me in someway. Let me be real with yah sis, some of the things you are so self conscious about, other people don't even notice. And if they do, I promise you they also struggle with some type of insecurity of their own. In order to overcome this need for acceptance from others (and ourselves) we have to choose something else. We need to accept the fullness of the love of God. What do I mean by that?

Let's look at these questions:

When was the last time you actually believed that God created you uniquely and wonderfully?

How often do you seek the approval of others before you remember how much God loves you?

Do you catch yourself striving and getting no where with how you feel about yourself and your body? When was the last time you look into God's Word to remember how special you are to him?

Truth is, when we really (REALLY) give over our need for approval to God, and rest in his love, we will never feel true freedom. The moment you start to train your heart to accept his love everyday you are able to accept others where they are at physically, mentally, and spiritually with a lot more grace.

I want you to reflect, right here and right now. How do you talk to yourself about your body (or an insecurity)? Does it line up with what God says about you?

Honestly, I am not always great at this either. I sometimes sit in front of the mirror and look at everything I don't like about my body. Do you know how that serves me? NOT AT ALL. Instead, I am changing the narrative. Instead of "I hate how big my thighs are," I'm speaking truth: "God loves me just how I am, he made me beautifully. I am a work in progress, I will not have a six pack of abs in one day, but I can trust the fullness of God's love right now and every day following." You are the only one who can change the narrative in your own head. God has gifted you the power of wisdom and strength to change the story and trust his love is more than enough.

I am creating a judgement free zone for myself and for every woman who puts too much pressure on herself to look the part. It's okay to be a work in progress. Every week, I workout, eat healthy, drink the water and do the things. Guess what, I still have a roll here or there!

This swim suit season, give yourself some grace. Be kind to your body. Be kind to the body that God formed with his hands. Not just this summer, but from now on. You are uniquely and wonderfully made, don't tell yourself otherwise.

With Love,

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