Let's talk about these outfits!!

I haven't always been good at expressing myself through fashion. Guys, in 7th grade I wore gaucho pants and sweater t-shirts... But I have always LOVED putting together outfits & the idea of how clothes have such an impact on showing the world who YOU are. Let's get started picking a part these super adorable outfits!!!! <3

This little piece I found at The Casual Wing in Stuttgart, AR (where I found most of these super cute pieces)! Look - at - these - sleeves! These ruffle sleeves are one of my favorite 2018 trends. Also I have on these adorable HOOPS from the one and only Francesca's. They are my go-to place to shop for earrings & accessories. My necklace was a gift from my sweet guy for my birthday & it is a simple, beautiful Kendra Scott necklace. The bracelets were also a super sweet gift! The actual brand of this romper is Everly.

I added these trendy nude flats also found at The Casual Wing (they have some super cute things! These sweet babies are from the Beast Fashion brand. They are super affordable & super cute! I added this little Fedora for some spice ;D

Next outfit is now offically one of my FAVORITE tops! It is such a fun, unique color and I will certainly be purchasing more items in this super cute color.

I matched these with some plain white jeans! This outfit combination with this beautiful greenery really gives me all the heart eyes!! I would also match this dressy tank with some blue jeans or blue jean shorts! I also have the perfect pair of white shorts that would match perfectly with it. Obviously this color and style can basically go with anything!

here is full length picture of this outfit. I also paired it with these old faithful black wedges from Red Dress Boutique! This top is was also a score birthday gift! It's brand is Naked Zebra. Not sure about the jeans but you can basically find any pair of white jeans in this day in age anywhere.

At this point of the day my hair had decided to D - I - E. But this outfit was still hangin'. I really love the front of this blush pink tank and how you can either loosen it or pull it into a bow! I found this jewel at The Casual Wing as well (seriously girls, Mack's does have stuff for women I promise).

This is a front view of this comfy cute outfit! This skirt is my all time best piece to put with almost everything! It is so adorable & fits perfect! I got this winner at Red Dress Boutique.

oh my PEARLS. Yes this skirt could not get any better. Also adding a belt of your choice would really add some POP to this outfit.

This is one of those skirts that fit JUST RIGHT. Plus these cute wedges I like to call my soul shoes. I literally got them at Factory Connection and they have been tried and true!

This design for earrings is popping this season! I grabbed these beauties and finished up my shopping at good ole The Casual Wing! They have so much detail in them. I am also a huge fan of anything that has a gold accent!

So there yah have it!! I'm hoping to do some more of these when I get back into the groove of school! Leave a comment or a question! <3

*pictures taken in Jonesboro, AR by my childhood best friend Cody Moore!

lots of love,


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