My 5 Best Habits To Start Today!

Do you ever want to start living a healthier life but just don't know where to start? SAME, girl, SAME. By this time I'm sure we have all slacked off on our New Year resolutions. So how can you start creating habits to build up a healthier life? I think it's easy for us to have "easy" goals and new years resolutions that aren't really life changing. When we strive to change our lives through creating better habits, we set ourselves up for hard-earned success. Good habits aren't always easy to maintain overtime but they are absolutely worth it. You are worth investing time into yourself to better yourself. I mean, we only get one life right? So here it is my 5 best habits that you can start today no matter where you are at in life.

ONE: Take time to read

Pick three books to read! I know not everyone is a "reader". Make a habit of reading something, other than social media! Choose an actual book, audio book, or even a podcast that's educational. Educating yourself will be the best choice you can make. Books are the cheapest and easiest way to start that. Want to learn more about personal development? There's a book for that. You have so much education at your finger tips. Don't waste it, pick up a book! Listen to a podcast. Purchase an audio book. You can do it. I really didn't like to read until my sophomore year of high school when I picked up a very popular book called "The Hunger Games". I then found my love for Sci-fi and post-apocalyptic books. Yes, maybe I am a nerd but there are books by the millions. Don't think of it as a punishment to make yourself read, find the book that makes reading so much fun you can't put it down. Are you a bad reader? There are so many audio books that are completely free. You can listen to these while you travel, work outside, work inside, workout, practice or whenever you have some free time. You owe it to yourself to keep growing.

TWO: Move your body for at-least 30 minutes

This is a big one for you. I have made it my goal to move my body at-least 30 minutes a day. My girl Rachel Hollis preaches this method. Just make time to physically do something. Whether that's walking around your neighborhood, doing yoga, finding a workout on Pinterest or just going to the gym. I've recently started a Barre class with two of my good friends and it is so so fun! You may think we are crazy but, we meet every night to do this workout and it's usually past 8pm. Dedication. If you want change you have to create change. Physical activity has to become a part of your life, a true habit, if you really want great results.

THREE: Take time to yourself

Let me be honest, this is my favorite habit right now. I LOVE alone time. Not too much, but just enough to where I can kick back relax and be unbothered by everything else going on in the world. Take time just for you. Whether this be snuggling up on the couch to read a good book or watch your favorite Netflix show. Make time for yourself. If you don't take time to take care of YOU, you won't be able to be 100% for anyone else. Here is a objective for you this week. Take an hour each day to do something for yourself. Maybe that's going to a coffee shop and grabbing your favorite cup of coffee. I know some of you are probably new mama's or working women who "don't take breaks". I get it, life is busy but if you don't have just one little bitty hour to yourself, you don't have a life. So grab your calendar and schedule yourself an hour. You deserve it.

FOUR: Be more intentional

In your relationships, in your work, in your life. Make it a habit to live intentionally. Live in every moment. Talk more, get off your phone. If you catch yourself 30 minutes at a time scrolling through Instagram, you are missing your life! I'm focusing on building a habit to live with intentionality in each area of my life. How can you be more intentional with your responsibilities, the people in your life and those who get on your last nerve?

FIVE: Try a new thing

Is there something you are dying to try? Like you have always wanted to but never had the courage to do it? Here is your permission to try that new thing. Maybe that's starting a diet and actually following through or joining an organization. In order to grow and change we have to keep trying new things. They keep us adventurous, young and alive. Now go and jump feet first into your "new thing". What's the new thing I'm trying you may ask, I'm looking into doing some keto based recipes. I just order and received a keto recipe book that's so good! There are always ways to try new things even if it seems absolutely terrifying. Do it anyway!

Thank you all for hanging out with me for another blog post. Is there something you would REALLY like me to write on? Feel free to DM me on Insta @tessahjw or on Facebook at Tessah Joann. Or shoot me a good ole email at

Love you guys!


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