Own Your Everyday

How to Own Your Everyday

This past weekend I got to travel to Las Vegas for a few days! Arkansas State football would be playing UNLV on Saturday but my boyfriend's mom (Melissa) and I flew out the Thursday before. You know what that means? SIGHT SEEING!!! Each day I tried to plan out so intentionally so we could see and do as much as possible in the two full days we got to "vacation". You can guess that there was absolutely no way we were able to see everything but we did get to see and do a lot more than we had expected. We made it to the game Saturday and Arkansas State WON! It was a great way to top off the already really exciting trip. To be honest I'm still trying to catch up on sleep...

During the three hour flights to and from, I caught up on a little reading. I'm currently reading through "Own Your Everyday" by Jordan Lee Dooley. She's a blogger, writer and speaker I have followed for over two years now, so I knew I had to read her book. If you can guess from the title she writes throughout her book about how we as ordinary people can "own our every-days". How? By simply taking our lives one day at a time and living with intentionality to take on each task (whether big or small) as they come. As I looked back at our fun trip flying back home from Vegas, I thought about what my life would like if I tried to be as intentional as I did in planning this quick trip. What if I actually made time to sit down and really focus in on the word of God instead of giving him a quick 10 minutes of my time? I think each day might just have a little more purpose if I choose to live it with intentionality to see God other than to see what comes next. Thinking through this really gave me some motivation to start being more intentional everyday. I'm very human so I sometimes get caught up in school, traveling and fill in the blank. Sometimes I got a few days without just having a time to focus in on God and his plans for me. Let me tell yah, if you usually do a quiet time and then skip it for a few days you really begin to notice how different you feel. If I don't make that time intentional, I tend to be much more impatient and quickly annoyed by about everything. So how do we start to make sure we have this time set a part each day and be more intentional?

Do exactly what I did with our Vegas trip... MAKE IT A PLAN. As people we will always make time for what is truly most important to us. If you aren't trying to do any quiet time, it's more than likely not a priority at this time in your life. If you want to be more intentional with "Owning Your Everyday", you have to start with talking to the one who made this day happen, God. After you begin putting him at the beginning of your day, watch how different your perspective is. Growing closer to God doesn't make your days easier but it does make each day have more purpose than you could ever imagine. 

With Love,


I'm linking the Own Your Everyday book below!  Go check it out!


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