Tessah's Christmas Guide 2020

I loveee a good Christmas guide and I am guilty of being a last-minute Christmas shopper. So this Christmas Guide is for all of those last-minute Christmas shoppers. And if you are looking for just a few more gifts for that special someone this gift guide will HELP so much with finding ideas as well.

First I'm going to share some Christmas gifts that the special gal in your life would LOVE to have! I focused this on College girls but I think any girl would love these gifts.


Jesus Bible - $62

The Jesus Bible is a great gift for any friend, girl, or guy in your life. This is one of my favorite study bibles. I could not recommend this gift more!

Link Here

Lounge Set - $34

Give your girl a lounge set and she will love you forever. I love a good pair of sweat pants + a cozy hoody to jump into if I'm working remotely or just chilling at home and she will love it too!

Link Here

Makeup Case - Usually $23 now it's only $16

I actually gifted this to one of my good friends this past year for her birthday and she loovvees it! This is perfect for any girl that travels often or likes to keep her makeup organized.

Link Here

Stila Lip Gloss - $15

Stila and IT Cosmetics are my go-to's for lipgloss. They always have the best colors and stay on the longest for me. And who doesn't love a great lip gloss??

Link Here

Keurig Mini - $89

Where are my coffee lovers at? Any girl that loves a good cup of coffee in the morning will love this sweet gift! Add some of her favorite k-cups as a little bonus too.

Link Here

Fluffy Slippers - $25.99

I think I could live in a pair of cozy slippers. I'm sure that special girl in your life could too. These are also in style right now, so go buy her a pair ;)

Link Here

Brumate cooler -$19.99

An insulated can cooler is great to have around. This can cooler comes in a variety of different colors as well.

Link Here

Tula Set - $96

Tula is a great skincare product but you could also buy products like Rodan and Fields or if you know her favorite skin products, get her those. You can never have too many skin products!

Link Here

Bluetooth Keyboard - $41.99

This might be the coolest gift I have found on the internet this year. A Bluetooth keyboard that can connect to your iPhone or iPad in order for you to type directly onto your device. YES PLEASE!

Link Here

ShapeTape Concealer - $27

The best concealer ever. A little goes a LONG way with this concealer. Make sure you know your girl's skin tone and buy her this cute little gift.

Link Here

Ring light - $36.99

If she loves to take videos or selfies, this is for that special girl in your life. This is a best seller on Amazon right now as well!

Link Here

Airpods - $159

I use my AirPods like crazy! During workouts, while working on homework, studying, and everywhere else. She will love this gift!

Link Here

Cute Fluffy Coat (go to neutrals) - $14.99

You can't go wrong with a fluffy coat! They are always in style as well. You can either get the one-off of Amazon I linked or look at website like Pinklily.com or Shopimpressions online

Link Here

Booties or Boots - $56 (varies by brand)

Everyone woman needs a great pair of boots or booties. I'm linking this really cute black pair from shop impressions!

Link Here

Gifts for the Outdoorsmen

I focused this more on a "outdoorsy" kind of guy mainly because that is the type of guy I buy for every year! I also find it hard to find what to buy him so I came up with some great Christmas ideas I know he loves and uses every day!

Hunting Vest or Jacket - $150

If your guy hunts at all, he could always use a new vest or jacket. If not camo, most of these brands have solid colors that would make great gifts as well.

Link Here

Duck Bag or Deer Bag - $79

You can't go wrong with buying your outdoorsmen a hunting bag. I have bought Wyatt many deer hunting and duck hunting bags over the years. It's a great gift and always is used well.

Link Here

Shells/ Bullets

This varies based on the type of gun that you are buying for. When in doubt ask his hunting friends or parents what kind of shells he would love for Christmas.

Yeti Rambler or coffee cup - $25

A Yeti is great in the winter and in the summer. He will love to have something warm on the go this winter and this is the best gift to make sure he gets that!

Link Here

Merrell Shoes - $70

Nothing like a set of shoes that are perfect for the outdoors Merrells are a durable shoe that is comfy and can be worn casually as well.

Link Here

Cowboy Boots - $150 Most outdoorsmen love a pair of boots whether that for dressy up or getting to work.

Link Here

Cowboy hat - $156

What better to go with cowboy boots than a cowboy hat!

Link Here

Carhartt Overalls, jacket, beanie

Outdoorsmen are usually outside working, getting their clothes completely dirty. Carhartt makes a lot of durable clothing that is built to last.

Link Here

Shaving set/beard oil - $18.33

Does your man have facial hair? Great! Get him a beard grooming set this Christmas so he can manage his beard.

Link Here

Hate to say it but… his favorite video game or a new controller.

I know don't hate me for this, I don't like them either but if he loves to play his video games, why not gift him a new headset or controller.

Link Here

Bluetooth speaker

Any kind of speaker is always a great idea! I don't have a particular brand but if your guy loves music, he would love this gift!

Yeti cooler or cooler bag - $250

This gift would be great for those who love to carry around drinks to work, or for a casual hang out with the boys.

Link Here

Favorite book

Does he love to read? I'm linking a less feminine version of the Jesus Bible that I mentioned earlier!

Link Here

Gifts for the Parents

As a bonus, I'm also sharing a gift guide for the parents or adults in your life.

  1. Pioneer woman set and utensils - Link Here

  2. Massage or facial at her/his fav place

  3. Customer made necklace with children names

  4. Custom made board with a family recipe

  5. Home decor is my go-to (hobby lobby or etsy)

  6. Comfy Slippers

  7. Lounge Wear

  8. Wine Bottle Opener

  9. Coffee or espresso machine (Keurig)

  10. Her/His favorite Skincare Treatment

  11. Weighted Blanket - Link Here

  12. Roomba - Link Here

  13. Back and neck massager - Link Here

  14. Echo dot - Link Here

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