The ONE thing you need for Christmas

The Christmas season can quickly turn into a fast, stressful and busy time of year. The one thing you need to get you through the multiple family/friend get-togethers? Rest. I'm not talking about taking a 2-hour nap every day (which always sounds like a good idea), I'm talking about resting your soul and mind. Whatever you've been busy doing over the course of the last month whether that's school or work or at home, as soon as December kicks in gear it's like the last lap in Mario Cart where the music gets really fast. I think that it is so crucial to our sanity that we allow time off of our phones, social media, not worry about the to-do list and just enjoy time with the people we love the most. Rest in the peace and hope of Christmas. I think of the Christmas story of the birth of Jesus and immediately think of peace, joy and of course rest. Even throughout his ministry, Jesus practiced rest, not just the sleeping kind but time to separate and be with his Father, our Father. Practice that this Christmas season. Even in final tests, busyness at work or home, find time to rest in the peace of Jesus. I'm listing a few simple ways to do just that:

1. Take 20 minutes out of your day to read through the Christmas Story (Luke 1-2) or a devotional. Right now I'm doing a study in the YouVersion App over "Advent" which in simple terms means "season of waiting". It's super good, I'm going to link it HERE.

2. Find a quiet place, away from all the noise & just pray or breathe or listen to some peaceful music. Time to yourself is so important in helping you just reset & refocus.

3. TURN OFF your phone. Okay maybe that's too extreme for you, but there is a setting you can do on your phone that minimizes the time you use on certain apps (cough cough Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook). Try that and give yourself a break!

4. Be PRESENT. You can be physically present but mentally be in outer space. Try to engage and conversate throughout the holidays instead of being stuck to your phone or just binge watching Netflix. When you look at the character of Jesus he was always present around people. He made sure to give others his attention, especially the ones who needed it most. More than likely at one of the holiday parties or gatherings you will go to this year, someone will be going through something hard. If you feel or see sadness in someone else, give some encouragement and remind them that they are seen and noticed.

I hope these four quick tips will help you find ways to rest through this busy holiday season. Keep pushing forward we are only 20 DAYS away from the best day of the year!! Happy Holidays & Merry "almost" Christmas!



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