The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner, and black Friday is THIS WEEK! WHAT?! I put together a guide to buying the perfect Christmas list for your boyfriend/girlfriend, family, and friends. The Christmas holiday can be so hectic, and having a guide to help you know how to buy for the people you love the most is exactly what I have always needed so I’m sharing it with you guys!

For the special guy in your life:

This is considerably the hardest part of gift giving to me. Buying the perfect gift for your significant other can be hard if they aren’t specific on what they want for Christmas. However, I’ve done this for 7 years so I’m giving you my BEST gift ideas for your boyfriend or guy friend!

Give him something that has to do with his hobby! More than likely the guy in your life has something he loves to do in his free time. Whether that be video games, hunting, sports, traveling etc. Guys love to get things that help them keep doing what they love to do. For example, Wyatt (my boyfriend) loves to hunt, loves guns and anything outdoors. Many times I’ve given him things like: a camo backpack, bullets, hunting gear, deer hunting supplies, and so on.

Obviously, hunting can’t be applied to every dude on the planet but, you get the picture. Next, has he been dropping any hints for you? Has he mentioned that he really wants to go see a concert including his favorite artist? Or maybe he’s hinted about how much he really wants these new shoes? Make sure you are paying attention to what your partner is saying, they may be giving you direct gift ideas. Finally, simply ask them what they want! If you can’t handle beating around the bush, be direct and ask them to write you a Christmas list of items to choose from. Either way, these steps will help you cipher through the best gift for your best guy!

I’m going to add the 10 top things your guy will love this Christmas season:

One: Apple Watch Series 5

If your guy doesn’t have an Apple watch, this is the perfect gift to buy him!

Two: All things YETI

If he loves the outdoors or keeping his drink warm/cold, he will love any of these Yeti products!

Yeti Cooler

Yeti Rambler Mug

Three: The Hammock

Think he likes to hang around? Give him this gift and make him a happy camper!

Skeeter Beeter Hammock

Four: For the Beard

Beard Kit

Beard Wash

Electric Razor for Men

Five: Kick back with some kicks

Steel Toe work boot

The dressy shoe

Athletic Shoe

Six: The Accessories he will LOVE

Brown or Black dress belt

Shades and Sunglasses


Seven: Keep that money Safe

Money Clip

Leather Wallet

Extra fun gifts or stocking stuffers!



Wallet Phone Case

Long Sleeve Flannel


The Onesie

Funny Undies

Gift Cards

Now time to buy for HER! This is for your: Girlfriend, Mom, Sister, Best friend, and any other gal in your life. I am someone who loves Christmas and loves surprises! There are three types of women when it comes to Christmas, the one who gives you a list and tells you exactly what she wants. The other who says “I don’t care I’ll love anything you get me” type. Then there is the woman who pulls the “I’ve already told you all year long, figure it out for yourself” statement. Well, you’re in luck because I’m giving you the best gift guide to help you make the girl in your life happy no matter if she's a 1, 2 or 3 in this case! Here are my best gift ideas for that special girl in your life!

One: Sweaters & Clothes!

H & M Sweater

Furry Coat

TurtleNeck Sweater


Holiday Coat

Comfy Pajamas

Black Boots

The Best Leggings

Two: Accessories always are a good idea

The Purse

Kate Spade Earrings

Kendra Scott Earrings

Custom Name Necklace

Apple Watch Band


Cute Belts

Three: Anything Tech


Charging Station

Four: For her Hobbies

Instagram Presets


Five: Treat Her

Lip Treatment

Skincare Gift

The one the go hair kit

The Mask Set

Or get her a gift card to her favorite nail salon or Spa!

For Mom or Woman in your life

Buying for mom can sometimes be a hassle. Here are some perfect gifts she will love this Christmas!

Warm and Cozy

Ugg Slippers

Fluffy Cardigan

Soft Robe

For the Home



Cookware Set


Utensil Set

Wine Rack

Anything Pioneer Woman

Just for her

Custom Names Necklace

Custom Engraved Cutting Board

Essential Oils

Bath Kit

Her Favorite Candle

Weighted Blanket

Corduroy Jacket

The Crafty Mom

Silhouette and More

Crafting Tools


Apple Pen & Procreate App

Other Ideas:

Make her something or do something for her:

Finish a project for her (around the house, for her hobby etc)

Get her a gift card to her favorite nail salon or Spa!

Clean up the house or her car!

For Dad or the Man in your life!

Just for Him

Electric Razor

Power Tool Kit

Tool Cabinet

Grill Kit

Travel Kit

Yeti Mug

For the Outdoorsy Dad

Yeti Hopper Bag

Trail Camera

Fishing Pole

Hunting Accessories

Bike Accessories

Camping Accessories

Use this as a tool to decide how to buy for his favorite hobby!

The Business Dad

Tie Set

Custom Wallet

Analog Watch

Sporty Dad

His Favorite Team Accessories



The Tech Dad

His Favorite Game

Mechanical Keyboard

Multi Use USB


Just for your Friends!

Get your friends something fun and made just for them!

Custom Best Friend Pillow

Custom Ornament

Custom Phone Case

Funny Dress Socks

Cards Card Against Humanity

Another Card Game

Portable Blender

Spa Gift Box

Gift Card

Other Gift Idea’s:

Hair Clips

Phone Holder for the car

Carhartt Beanie

Apple Watch

DNA Health and Ancestry Kit

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