Things you CAN control!

Sometimes in a crisis you can only think about the things you can’t control. Being out of control sucks, doesn’t it? It's so easy to get caught up in the scary, crazy and unpredictable things that are happening right in our backyard and our home towns. Sports games are canceled, schools are canceled, business are closing and it feels like our lives are coming to a complete stop. If you are anything like me, this uncontrollable situation makes you feel completely helpless. Thankfully, we don't have to be the ones in control. One of my good friends wrote this on Facebook just yesterday "Our God is bigger than any virus". There is so much truth in this. Maybe we can't control what's happening around us or even what happens to us, but we can control how we react. You can control your attitude, your decisions and the ability to wash your hands. This doesn’t just apply to the coronavirus, this is a mindset for everyday life. Life is going to happen. It’s your choice to decide if it’s happening to you or for you.

In this blog, I’m writing out the things you CAN control even in the chaos of life.

Your perspective & attitude

You have the choice to control your attitude everyday in every situation that occurs. Are you going to look at the good or the bad? Perspective is everything. Choosing to see a hard situation in a brighter light can bring positivity to a negative situation. One way to do this is to avoid talking negatively about the situation. I know it sucks. But, if we can try to see the good in the bad we can have a positive outlook on any situation.

Maintaining Habits

Don’t quit now. I’m sure you have some goals that you are working so hard for. Just because you may not be able to go to the gym, go get your kale for the week or be involved in your community physically, you can still maintain your habits. You keep that consistency, you can keep pursuing those goals with all that you’ve got.

Your Health

Obviously, you want to do everything you can to stay healthy during this time. That goes from washing your hands to drinking WATER. As Rachel Hollis says it “Drink the stupid water people”! Exercise and move your body. You can control your health by being intentional with taking vitamins, washing your hands, avoiding crowded spaces and practicing those health precautions regularly. Take your vitamins, get healthy foods that are good for your immune system, and again DRINK WATER. Mental health is also so important during a time like this. Check on your seniors and 2020 graduates, they are losing the rest of their school year. Part Time workers who get paid hourly will be losing money. Some people are even losing loved ones. Remember to bring encouraging words and love during this chaotic time.

Your To Do List

I know we all have 100 things to do either with your business, school, work, personal life and if you are stuck at home do not spend all of your time watching Netflix. You watch TV enough. Grab a good book, go relax outside, or start on that project you’ve needed to finish for years. You can see the good during this time of bad. Get your to do list done! Catch up with old friend and spend time with family.

Your Investments

I’m someone who is all for self education. In a time of quarantine from work and social life, you can still invest in yourself. Is there an online course you’ve wanted to buy but haven’t had the time? Maybe now you do. Use time away from work, social events, and other things to invest in yourself. Wanting to start a business? Read some business books! Use your time wisely!

We can only control so many things in our lives. But you best believe I’m taking any “free” time to focus on catching up on the things I can control. This includes my education, my self-care, and my to do list. You can do the same! This is a team effort to stay healthy and safe. My challenge to you is to be a bright light of encouragement during this time of stress and chaos.

Stay Healthy,


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