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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

I've finally gotten around to posting about my fun trip to Vegas that happened a few weekend ago. I'm breaking down all of the things I did, what I saw, what I wore, and most importantly what I ate! This was a quick trip but such a fun one. If you are planning a trip to Vegas or you've always wanted to go, keep reading!

Before going on the trip, the first thing that comes to mind when I hear "Las Vegas" is the casinos. Which, that is obviously what Vegas is known for. However, when I got to actually see it all for myself, it is so much different than I imagine. You could go to Vegas and not gamble once. There is so much to do, it would take you living there over the summer to see it all. In the short time I was in the city, I had to chance to see a good amount of the famously known Las Vegas Strip.

Things I Did:

  1. Walked through Caesars palace: This may sound lame but if you have every seen Caesars Palace on TV or Gordon Ramseys "Hell's Kitchen", then you know how amazing this place is. Easily the biggest location on the strip, standing on 85 acres of land, you have to make sure you see it.

  2. Went to "The Vegas Show": Going into the trip, we knew we had to make time to see at least one show. This show was focused on how Las Vegas originated. There were lots of show girls, singing and dancing. If you are planning a trip to Vegas, make sure you book a show before hand. That way you can read descriptions of what the show is about and know the price difference before you even make it to the strip.

  3. Saw the sharks: Mandalay Bay is one of the resorts off of the strip, and they have an aquarium with REAL sharks. You know the big ones you see during shark week, not as big, but they were good sized sharks.

  4. Ate at a two-story Taco Bell: This was one of the coolest things ever. Y'all this Taco Bell had a DJ, yes you read that right, a DJ! If you get the chance to go by and eat there one late night or so, do it. Honestly it will probably be the most affordable place to eat on the strip.

  5. Went through 12/31 of the resorts: There are a lot of resorts on the strip, but I got the chance to see at least 12 of them. Now, in some of them I got to sit down and have a meal. Others we just walked through to check out and look at. Either way, each resort is so unique with its structure and decor. Go and see as many resorts as you can, you will not regret it.

What I Ate:

The food in this city is probably one of the best parts. Many renown chefs have multiple restaurants spread throughout the strip. Let's just say, I never had one bad meal there.

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill:

  • Appetizer: Crispy Calamari

  • Entree: Beef Wellington (you have to try this, it's the best thing I have ever eaten)

  • Dessert: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Mon Ami Gabi French Restaurant

  • Salad: Arugula (ricotta crouton, tapenade, sherry vinaigrette)

  • Entree: Casareccia Pasta

  • Dessert: Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée

Taco Bell Cantina

  • I only got Taco's but this place had about 10 extra menu options than a normal taco bell. If you ever have the chance while in Vegas, go check it out!

What I Wore:

My favorite outfit, is the outfit I wore our first night in Vegas. We went to go see "The Vegas Show" and I thought it would good to bring out this cute, fun top. Honestly, I'm usually not one to wear a crop top or two piece clothes but when in Vegas, why not? This top is from a two-piece set I got from Red Dress Boutique. As of right now, it's not currently in stock on their website but they do still have a huge variety of two piece sets that are adorable. This denim white skirt I got from a boutique in my hometown (DeWitt, AR) called Bridget Lane (linked below). Also my heels are straight from Impressions

Denim White Skirt

Scarlet Heels

Two Piece Set

This outfit I wore the first full day we got to spend in Vegas. I knew there would a lot of walking so I through on the most comfortable wedges I own. As you can see, I used the white skirt a few times during the trip. We only took our carry-on's so I had to choose wisely. Also white denim can go with about anything.

Shoes: The Refinery Jonesboro (not online)

Pink Top

Another comfy outfit! Also please check out the lady unamused by my efforts to look cute in an oversized shoe. This outfit was worn the second full day we had in Vegas, so you better believe I'm wearing sneakers.

White Polka Dot Top

Black Shorts

Pink Earrings

The last night in Vegas, as well as the Red Wolf football game. I had all of the intentions to wear my pretty scarlet red heels (seen in the first picture). However, I didn't want to have blisters for two months so I decided on the black sneakers once again. This cute little romper I grabbed from the "Helmet and Heels" event in Jonesboro.

Striped Romper

Red Earrings

There is no doubt I will be back to see more of this city! Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, stay tuned to where I go next (or just look at the Arkansas State Football Schedule hehe).

With love,


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