What I do

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College Girl Mentorship

Find who you were created to be!

Taking ambitious women from overwhelmed, stressed out and unsure of their purpose to knowing their God-given calling, understanding their passions, skills and teaching them how to achieve their life goals!


College Girl Mentorship

Life Coaching + Mentorship

Taking young, ambitious women from overwhelmed, stressed out and unsure of their purpose to knowing their God-given calling, understanding their passions, skills, and teaching them how to achieve their life goals!


What you get access to:

  • Compete voxer access to me (Messaging App)

  • The Let’s Get Real Academy Curriculum + College Bootcamp 

  • Bi-weekly Zoom Calls with me


How this will change your life:

  • Taking you from overwhelmed to focused and purposed

  • We identify your life goals and dreams and how to map out your life in order to achieve those goals.

  • Breakthrough a toxic thought pattern & create positivity

  • Learn and applicable steps in how to grow in your faith and create disciplines that are sustainable

  • Creating practical habits that take you from where you are to where you want to be!

  • Learn how to prioritize your life and goals.


BONUS: For College girls!

  • If you are in college you will also get access to my College Bootcamp which cover practical applications like:

    • Study habits

    • Budgeting and prioritizing

    • Understanding financial aid

    • Figuring out what major fits you best

    • All things inside the College Bootcamp


Who is this for?

  • Young Women (18-25) Who are tired of feeling overwhelmed and misdirected on what they want to do with their lives.

  • They are struggling with finding their purpose and have no idea how their passions and dreams tie together

  • They don’t want to sit at a desk and work their life away, they are looking for a life that is better and full of deeper meaning.

  • The college girl who can’t balance her overwhelming stress, and wants to find who she was created to be.


As a second-year college student, I have found Tessah’s Life coaching to be extremely beneficial!! Not only is her coaching professional, but it is also extremely genuine and very helpful. She is very flexible and is always available to help and answer any questions I have at any time!! Over the time I’ve gotten to work with Tessah, I have been able to learn so much from college (studying tips/ how to plan out my semesters class wise), life, and so much more! Not only has Tessah helped me be able to study for college better, but she has also helped and encouraged me to chase after my dreams and passions. I have always had a dream and passion for videography and documenting, but before meeting Tessah I never pursued that passion just because I wasn’t confident in myself and how to chase after that passion! However, after discussing my goals with Tessah she helped me make a step by step plan/ master sheet on how to achieve my goals and be successful! I have seriously grown so much over time that I have worked with Tessah! She has helped me to work past my fears, grow more confident in myself as a person, and grow in my relationship with the Lord as well. Tessah is honestly the kindest and most dedicated person I have ever met and I am so thankful God placed her in my life. She is so welcoming and such a hardworking and dedicated person when it comes to helping those around her. She is an incredible leader and mentor and such an amazing friend and I would highly recommend her as a mentor if you are struggling through college, trying to find your purpose, or just trying to navigate through the daily obstacles of life!!

- Jenna Truong


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